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Application range and selection of belt dryer

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Keywords : 带式干燥机应用范围,带式干燥机选型

Belt dryer is widely used in the pharmaceutical, food, biological, chemical and other fields already have its useless. But in each field in the selection of the standard is not the same, it is because the various areas of dry material requirements and parameters are quite different. For example: in the pharmaceutical industry (especially traditional Chinese medicine), the general viscosity of the extract is larger, and the dry temperature is more stringent, the melting point of control to be accurate (especially polysaccharide materials), vacuum control range to meet the different Section of the heating temperature requirements and to have online automatic adjustment function and so on. In addition to the detection system to be as good as possible to meet the pharmaceutical GMP standards. For the food industry, the solid content of its material extract is generally larger (65%), the output requirements and product specific volume, appearance and so on is the vacuum belt dryer selection criteria in the key, food grade vacuum zone Type drying machine selection process has two elements must not be ignored: one is the consumption of energy consumption per unit than the problem, the other is supporting equipment such as raw materials before the delivery, drying products after the fine grinding and packaging. As for the biological, chemical use of the vacuum belt dryer as the product in different forms, so the selection of the standard is extremely complex, so be extra careful.
The first step in choosing a vacuum belt dryer is that it is important to have a small sample test of the dry material. Therefore, it is the most direct way for the equipment supplier to have material test equipment and experienced sample personnel to measure the true capabilities of the manufacturer. Qualified vacuum belt dryer manufacturers generally in the material test can be in the shortest possible time to provide a customer, including: the actual amount of material evaporation, dynamic drying vacuum, drying temperature distribution, the amount of feed, the actual drying time , The actual product capacity, unit energy consumption and other technical parameters of the report to facilitate customers to choose according to the requirements to meet the production equipment model and specifications.
The second step in selecting a vacuum belt dryer is to examine the manufacturer's design level and manufacturing capabilities. Manufacturers will generally be in the material test report on the basis of the customer's production targets and conditions to provide a technical design of the first draft and the design of the reasons for a detailed statement. The technical design scheme is an extremely important component in assessing the manufacturer's ability to manufacture vacuum belt dryers. In particular, the design of the key technologies of the manufacturer's equipment, such as the design of the vacuum system, the design of the heating system, Design, cleaning system design and feed, discharge system design. Another aspect of manufacturing capability is to examine the actual use of the manufacturer's users. Customers can provide a list of users according to the manufacturer, asked to go to the site site visits, if the manufacturer does have sufficient strength of the general will not refuse this reasonable request, and some even can provide multiple visits for customers to choose. And manufacturing capacity is limited or the technical level of the enterprise is generally very difficult to do this.
The third step in selecting a vacuum belt dryer is to examine the manufacturer's actual processing capacity and scale of production. At present, there are no more than three companies with serial design and production capacity in the country, especially those with an annual output of more than 10 vacuum belt dryers (especially large or very large equipment of 6-layer dry bed) There are 1 to 2. So most of the domestic manufacturers are difficult to form a vacuum belt dryer components of the standardization of processing, to provide customers with product maintenance and maintenance and parts, accessories, there are large swap problems, often directly affect the user Of the production efficiency, and in addition to the lack of practical experience, the mechanical structure of the equipment, the rationality of the configuration, manufacturing accuracy requirements, etc. can not be considered very comprehensive. The vacuum belt dryer because of the large size, auxiliary equipment, configuration requirements, the complex links and other characteristics, to maintain the stability of the equipment running state is not easy. The price of such equipment is also more expensive, the user is generally optimistic about its drying capacity and technical advantages and the use of huge amounts of money to buy, so I hope to recover the cost as soon as possible to improve the economic efficiency of enterprises. Therefore, in the procurement of equipment must choose the scale, the actual design and manufacturing experience and have a reliable after-sales service assurance system manufacturers can rest assured that, of course, such manufacturers provide vacuum belt dryer general price to slightly higher, but For users in the use of a sense of security, customers must not covet the temporary price is likely to affect the overall situation.
Application scope
It is suitable for the drying of the flakes, stripes and granular materials with good air permeability. It is suitable for the high moisture content of dehydrated vegetables and traditional Chinese medicine Pieces, and the material temperature is not allowed to be high. The series dryer has the advantages of fast drying speed, High evaporation strength, good product quality advantages. For the deodorant cake of the paste material, need to be granulated or made into a bar-shaped can also be dry.

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