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Application of Spray Dry Desulphurization Technology in Protecting Ecological Environment

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Keywords : 喷雾干燥脱硫技术在保护生态环境中的应用

As the world's energy consumption increased year by year, as a primary energy coal burned to use, the release of a large number of sulfur dioxide and the formation of regional acid rain, the environment has caused serious pollution, it destroyed the ecological balance, causing a large area of forest Product destruction, soil lake acidification, building corrosion and so on.
Therefore, the control and reduction of sulfur dioxide emissions is a very important task. In many desulfurization technology, the use of spray drying method to remove the flue gas sulfur dioxide is a more and more attention to the technology. The technology began in the 20th century, 70 years of research, the late 1970s has been put into commercial operation. It is less investment, simple operation, high efficiency of sulfur removal, no secondary pollution, and flue gas desulfurization in a large number of wet compared to the use of spray drying desulfurization powder products have greater selectivity and development value.
Spray drying glue sulfur technology can be widely used in an important prerequisite is to solve a large number of dry powder sulfate after the rational development and utilization of the problem. Can be recycled as an absorbent, part of the dry material can be recycled, as the earth's additives, into a paste for the cement of the retarder, made of granular artificial gravel, as a building material filler instead of commonly used Concrete and asphalt.

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