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  • Silicon carbide drying project

Silicon carbide drying project

Keywords : 碳化硅干燥
Category : Chemical Industry
Description : Silicon carbide (SiC) is made of quartz sand, petroleum coke (or coal), wood chips as raw materials through the resistance furnace high temperature smelting. Silicon carbide also
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Project Overview:
Silicon carbide (SiC) is made of quartz sand, petroleum coke (or coal), wood chips as raw materials through the resistance furnace high temperature smelting. Silicon carbide also has rare minerals in nature, mozzanite. Silicon carbide, also known as carbon silica. In the contemporary C, N, B and other non-oxide high-tech refractory materials, silicon carbide is the most widely used, the most economical one. Can be called gold sand or refractory sand. At present, China's industrial production of silicon carbide is divided into black silicon carbide and green silicon carbide two, are hexagonal crystals, the specific gravity of 3.20 ~ 3.25, micro-hardness of 2840 ~ 3320kg / mm2.
Equipment Overview:
Silicon carbide drying production line is my company to overcome the static dry low efficiency, high consumption and research and development of new efficient fluidized drying equipment. The machine in the design process fully integrated with the air drying and other characteristics of dry flow, avoid weaknesses, so that the machine has a reasonable process structure and superior performance, the real flow of dry low consumption and high efficiency goals.
The scope of application of this machine is extremely wide, can be used for silicon carbide, black silicon carbide, green carbon silicon, black carbon silicon powder, green silicon carbide powder, foam ceramic silicon carbide, refractory silicon carbide and other small proportion of fine powder material drying. Equipment, high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption, small footprint, simple configuration, easy operation and control.
working principle:
Hot air from the inlet to the appropriate jet speed from the bottom of the dryer into the mixing crushing drying room, the material strong shear, blowing, rotating, so the material by centrifugation, shear, collision, friction and micro-granulation, Enhanced mass transfer heat transfer. At the bottom of the dryer, the larger and lighter particles are mechanically crushed under the action of a stirrer, the moisture content is low, the particles with smaller particle size are entrained by the rotating air stream and further dried during the ascending process. For the rotation of the flow, solid inertia is greater than the gas phase, the relative speed between the two phases of solid gas to strengthen the heat transfer between the two-phase effect, so the machine dry high strength.
Engineering advantages:
1, professional and strong, large amount of processing, drying rate, the material by atomization after the surface area greatly increased, in a vacuum state, the drying time greatly reduced. 2, the device structure is simple, no wearing parts, low maintenance costs. 3, simple and stable operation, easy control, can achieve intelligent operations. 4, the use of different boiling point temperature, to achieve liquid separation. 5, the use of non-standard design of the atomizer, atomization, separation effect. 6, set the chemical reaction, drying and one, one time to complete the reaction, dry, optimize the equipment performance.

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